What questions do you have for our veterinarian?

Veterinarian Justine Lee joins us to answer your questions about cats, dogs, birds, or whatever pet you have. Leave them below and we’ll ask her when she is in the studio on Tuesday at 10 a.m.

Here are the pets cared for by The Daily Circuit staff:

Carson! (Owner: Chris Dall)

pet dall carson.JPG

Ramona! (Owner: Emily Kaiser)

pets ramona kaiser.JPG

Stella! (Owner: Maddy Mahon)

pets stella mahon.JPG

Felus! (Owner: Kryssy Pease)

pet pease Felus.JPG

Judo and Yogi! (Owner Tom Weber)

pet weber judo yogi.JPG

Birdie! (Owner: Chris Dall)

pet birdie dall.JPG

Meggan Ellingboe sent charming pictures of her friend’s puppies but appears to have none of her own.

I will become a fish owner this weekend. If that happens, I’ll add a photo.

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host