What are your Top 3 favorite recipes or techniques?

On the show today, Lynne will talk about her Key 3 series. She’s asked chefs and some people who just love to cook about the three recipes or techniques they think everyone should know.

In this video, Sally Schneider, creator of The Improvised Life, shows Lynne how she makes Tuscan Herb Salt.

What are you key 3 ingredients, techniques, or recipes?

My family makes Mark Bittman’s peas, Parmesan, and ricotta once a week. I believe you should put 1/8 cup salt minimum in pasta water. Also, everyone should make some harissa.

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Jennifer

    When I grill I always start with sliced onions double wrapped in foil with butter, salt and a little sugar. I add spices, mushrooms, peppers that will complement the item being grilled. It’s the first thing on the grill and the last thing off. We call them slippery onions.

  • Jimmy

    This is the worst show on grilling that I have ever heard.

  • Stephanie


    They haven’t said a lot about grilling yet. Sorry! Drought and news over took the grill.

  • Katie

    In response to your question of what do we do to help local farmers:

    We joined our local Co-op. As you were saying it is difficult to be conscious 24/7 regarding what is most helpful so I let the Co-op guide my buying decisions.