Family road trips: Share your best tips and stories

A couple weeks ago we saw spotted an article about ways to make road trips bearable (and fun!) for families. Being that we are in peak season for family vacation time, we thought it’d be fun to explore how families vacation together. We’re a mix of parents and children who recall family vacations with good, great, okay or ugly memories.

Personally, my family always ran into mishaps on our road trips. So many mishaps that my mom likes to call us the Griswolds when we vacationed. One mishap included driving out to Boston and Cape Cod in our Mercury Topaz (a little too small for a family of four). My dad believed in driving ’til you drop at the time. So we dropped at a Bates-like hotel on the Cape where we tried to avoid spiders while using the shower while plugging our noses at the smokey smell of the room. Another included camping near the Black Hills where some crazy guy almost lit the campground on fire trying to figure out his portable grill. But the ‘traumatic’ mishaps at the time always turn into family lore and funny laughs for years to come.

So what vacation lore represents your family? Do you have tips or suggestions for family vacation? Do you enjoy or dread your time together?

–Meggan Ellingboe, assistant producer