Video: Jonah Lehrer on the science of creativity

In the wake of the revelation that he made up quotes in his bestseller “Imagine,” Jonah Lehrer’s books are being pulled from bookstores. His columns at the Wall Street Journal are being combed over for made up quotes. He has resigned from the New Yorker. We’ll be talking about it at 11 today.

You can still see Lehrer telling a Bob Dylan anecdote here to Google employees. Who knows if the anecdote is true. Sounds pretty true.

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Barbara S.

    Is this really so different from your recent story on cheating? More of the same, people doing whatever they think they need to for their own (short-term) benefit with no regard for long term ramifications for themselves or anyone else.

  • stephanie

    I thought of the same thing Barbara. I especially thought of the students who said they could not keep up without cheating. High-powered students.

  • stephanie

    It particularly reminded me of Joseph’s story:

    “My engineering peers (studying mechanical and civil engineering) acknowledged that they cheat in their classes often and many of their own peers cheat to get by; the classes are so difficult and time consuming that if you don’t cheat, you fail the class and have only accomplished wasting your tuition. Also, they claim they are under such heavy work course work loads that they cheat to just get homework done and save time for other subjects or activities. To quote my friend, “Students are lazy. If you could save time on all the homework you have, why not?”