Take a look at the military’s sexual assault prevention training materials

During the 10 a.m. hour today, we’re talking about sexual assault in the military. The U.S. Department of Defense’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response has guides made specifically for each of the wings of the military. They have videos to watch and guides to read.

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Amy Hoover
  • Jane in Minneapolis

    If people are willingly to do this to their fellow soliders, what about the civilians they come in contact with in the Middle East. Rape as a weapon?

  • Stephanie Curtis

    Our guest, Jen Norris, was sexually assaulted while in the military. She says the investigation into her rape ‘was equal to, if not more traumatizing then the actual (rape).’

    One of the men now works in the Pentagon after agreeing to settle the case rather than face a military court.

  • Mike in Minneapolis

    It also is not reflected in their records and therefore not an occurance. When they go into civilian life there are no strikes against them.

  • Christine in St. Louis Park

    Can’t Obama do something? He is the chief officer of the military! Executive order?

  • Kimber

    When Don’t ask don’t tell was made law (and later it’s repeal), my fellow male service members were so paranoid and worried about unwanted perusal or advances, harassment, even rape. A little part (perhaps a big part) of me inside thought, GOOD! Maybe now you will know what it’s like to be a woman. Maybe when you can put yourselves in that situation, you will finally get it. Maybe then, you will pay attention to this.

    While in Iraq in 2003, I sometimes ran alone at night on Camp Victory. I ran with a loaded gun or a knife. I wasn’t worried about the Iraqis.

  • Stephanie Curtis

    Our guest, Anu Bhagwhati, says that there could be an executive order or Obama could speak out and use the bully pulpit to discuss the problem.

  • Lesley

    What awful treatment these women have received. This is the 21st Century, have we learned nothing? I am ashamed of the double standards and the brutality turned in on itself. No one serving our country should be raped and no rapist should be protected. This is a sign of overall BAD times.

  • Kristine Vruno Huson (@Vruno on Twitter)

    I am an Army veteran, & did not experience any harrasment other than that which all subordinates get

  • Lesley
  • Dr. Mic Hunter

    I’m glad this issue is finally getting some attention. Maybe the high rate of suicide in veterans is the result of 10% of males and 25% of female veterans reporting having been sexually assaulted while serving.

    Dr. Mic HUnter (author of Honor Betrayed: Sexual Abuse In America’s Military)

  • cheloiniguez

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