Sources for mortgage help

Our guest Prentiss Cox said on our show July 5th that before you consider a short sale or a foreclosure, you should see a financial advisor. He recommended two non-profits:

Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity has a Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program.

Who do they help?

The program serves any homeowner at risk of or in mortgage foreclosure including homeowners who are delinquent on property taxes or in tax forfeiture. MFPP also services homeowners who are delinquent on homeowner association dues or facing association foreclosures.

Lutheran Social Service has HUD-approved advisors. What do they say they can do for you?

Reduce stress by explaining your rights and options. Explain what to expect from your mortgage company. Protect you from scams. Recommend a specific plan for bringing your mortgage current. Help you reach a ‘soft landing’ after foreclosure.

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host