Poll: What’s your top issue in the upcoming election?

Tomorrow, we are discussing the top issues driving this year’s presidential campaign. Jason Johnson and Tim Hagle will join us.

Why is that your top issue? Tell us below or call in tomorrow morning at 9:06.

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • If we don’t refocus on educating ALL of our youth in critical thinking, math, science and effective communication skills we will lose out on new economic frontiers, making many of the other subjects losers in turn.

  • Steve Austin

    Irresponsible spending by Big Government since the presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson is what got us into the Great Recession, and the only way out is to cut government spending in half.

    And yet, cutting government spending does not even appear on your list of election issues.

    Perhaps that is because MPR gets approx 30 million dollars a year in free money from the Middle Class Taxpayers wallet.

    Wouldn’t want to do anything that might slow down production of those Golden Eggs, now would we?

    Those on the dole never see the dole as the problem. They tend to see it as the solution. Not exactly objective journalism, is it?

  • stephanie


    I’ll add “and spending” to the taxes choice.

    Thanks for your comment,


  • Sheri

    Fairness. I want a President who likes the American people. All of us. I believe President Obama enjoys working for policies that create a fair playing field.

  • Cary Stegall

    I don’t show up because of any single issue, but it will give me great pleasure to vote No on the Anti-Gay Marriage amendment this November, simply because it is so unnecessary legally and such an affront to my sense of justice and fairness. I don’t like seeing Minnesota becoming another checklist state on the ALEC and national Republican policy treadmill.

  • Derek

    I’m enthusiastically supporting candidates who support personal rights to access reproductive health care. I am alarmed at the blatant attacks on abortion access, attacks on providing factual information on sexuality for our youth, and attacks on affordable access to birth control and other vital reproductive health services.

  • Jeff

    Simply: Keeping the GOP from taking the Senate and WH and taking the House. I believe we need to be fiscally conservative, but I’ll be voting for socially progressive matters this election and the GOP cares only for white rich people.

  • Nick

    What ever happened to moon colonies?

  • Eric Larsson

    I’d like to see us change our economy from a war-making economy into a peace-building economy.

  • Ginny

    NUMBER 1 ISSUE: Stopping the radical GOP. Elect Democrats at the Federal, state and local level. They are fair and fiscally responsible.

  • Stephanie

    These are the issues that people submitted under the “other” category:

    Its my civic duty, and hard earned right.

    Reproductive Health

    Supreme Court appointment potential

    Republicans! Almost everything they stand for, I am opposed to

    Keeping the GOP from taking the WH and Senate and taking the House


    Reproductive rights!

    Supreme court retirements

    Wealth disparity

    Who can get congress to work together.

    Future of the SCOTUS

    Cutting government spending in half.

    Obama Eviction

    Re-electing President Obama !

    GOP strangle hold on House

  • Matt

    I’m not necessarily a “single issue” voter, but I would rally behind a candidate who proposed reasonable filibuster reform. To me, this is a gateway issue to every other issue. The modern filibuster is nothing like people think it is – it no longer requires long floor speeches or a determined minority. It merely functions as an unconstitutional 60-vote requirement on all legislation. Congress needs to stop pretending that this is a protection for minority parties and reform blatant obstructionism.

  • Kevin Healy

    I am going to vote in MN because the presence of Michele Bachmann in congress as our representative is an embarrassment.

  • Paula

    I am concerned about how difficult it is for young people to remain in the same middle class that their parents enjoyed. The Democrats are more likely to support policies that tax the 1% and regulate the large corporations that manipulate the economy against the average citizen and pollute our environment.

  • Laura

    Reproductive rights – period. Republicans want to drag women kicking and screaming into the 1950s – an era they sadly believe was idyllic.

  • stephanie

    More issues from that “other” slot:

    It’s the middle class, stupid!

    Defeating Voter ID (Supression)

    Dysfunctional Congress

    Attention to the needs of the poor and disadvantaged

    Change our war-making economy into a peace-building economy

  • cindy

    I feel like we have a remake of Brewster’s Millions. Obama is secretly spending every penny so all have to rely on the government.

  • Nick

    I usually hate “one-issue-voters”, but I absolutely cannot vote for a candidate who does not support basic human rights (i.e. LGBT rights).

  • Jen

    I am worried about politicians more concerned about rhetoric than adressing the major issues america will have to face.

  • lola

    The Environment and climate change are the hugest issues we face. the economy is NOTHING compared to this for our future. WHY arent we talking about this??

  • Matthew

    My top issue is Life. I talk about comprehensive Pro-Life. I am very frustrated with the “Pro-Life” candidates and organizations’ talking points and policy positions that would make a martian believe that life begins at conception and ends at birth.

    Pro Lifers should support whole life issues: Health care, Pre-Natal, Neo-Natal, ElderCare, international AIDS/Malaria/health care support, Food aid, housing aid, education, arts, etc. Life is much bigger than abortion.

  • James

    I believe global warming is the biggest long-term threat to national security and the economy, not only for us, but for other nations. We’ve been mislead about it and have ignored it for too long.

  • More submissions to the “other” category

    Global Warming

    MN constitutional amendments

    Most of the above but most concerned about divisiveness

    ENVIRONMENT!!! (climate change etc) — how is this not a topic on here?

    Comprehensive Pro-Life

    Who will “own” our political system

  • Sharon in Minneapolis

    What will get me to the polls and driving other people? Fear of what happened in Wisconsin.

  • jtberken

    I see energy as the most important issue. Energy is important due to new exciting technology is coming out that will need the employment to be filled (i.e. new energy sources, “smart” grid and services to distribute energy safer and more efficient). Energy is also important that it will have a big impact on economy and environment. We need to rethink the value and need for energy as far as the cost of fuel and the cost to the environment (including the maintenance to infrastructure due to severe weather changes). Our fundamental need for life and commerce is hinged on energy and water to get things from point A to B and if we do not take care of these essentials, fluctuations in price and supply can make or break the economic system.

  • David Poretti

    No matter how important all the listed choices are (and they are important), they don’t mean squat if we can’t inhabit the planet. Between the toxic stew and the global climate, we are fast apporaching the edge of a cliff with consequences beyond anything Washington can do.

  • @soundlessw

    What’s my top issue? How about the candidate who annoyed me less with political BS… It’s gonna be close call.

  • @nswingen

    Hate to be a “one issue voter” but I can’t vote for anyone who doesn’t support basic civil rights (i.e. lgbt rights)

  • @BradleyKliewer

    Create a fair tax.

  • Cat

    Blocking the entire radical right-wing agenda! I am an independent voter, fiscal centrist and social liberal, who has been made into a de facto Democrat for the upcoming election. I HAVE been paying attention, and I am appalled at the damage being done by science-deniers, attackers on women’s reproductive health and choices, and organizations like ALEC.