Did you ever cheat in school?

I had a hard time believing this anecdote was true. This is from an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times written by a high school math teacher.

A few weeks ago, a student took my final exam in the morning and gave the answers to someone who was taking it that afternoon. The second student didn’t notice that the question on his test was slightly different, and the answer was now wrong. When confronted, he professed not to understand that he had cheated. He thought that getting a test answer from another student in advance was no different than studying with a partner. A few days later, when his mother came in to find out why her son had failed, she too said she couldn’t understand the difference.

In short, not only do kids cheat, but they don’t seem to understand what cheating is.

Does this ring true to you? If you are a student or recent grad, how prevalent was cheating at your school? We’ll be digging into these questions at 11:15.

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host