What are you reading?

  • Enrique Olivarez

    I resisted and resisted it, but my inlaws insisted I read The Help. I picked it up two days ago and I can’t put it down! A perfect bestseller and I have to say a pretty good first novel.

  • Anne Boone

    Just finished ‘Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal’ by Jeanette Winterson and ‘The Hand That First Held Mine’ by Maggie O’Farrell. On to ‘Secret Daughter’ by Shilpa Somaya Gowda!

  • Deven Nelson

    I just finished ‘The Man Who Quit Money’. Amazing book that weaved together so many story lines: 1. a man’s story of finding self acceptance, community and belonging; 2. a look at fundamentalist Christian culture in America; 3. a spiritual journey of moving closer to the purist form of one’s beliefs; and 4. a review of monetary policy throughout history and today. It’s unlike any book I have ever read. I would love to hear the author and subject of the book interviewed.

  • Gretchen Toman

    Tom Rachman’s “The Imperfectionists” about a newspaper based in Rome – it’s really a series of short stories all linked to the paper. Great sense of place – Rome and a great read!

  • Jeanne Tanamachi

    Hmmm, sometimes a shorter list would be what I am not reading but here goes: Robert Caro’s The Passage of Power (should keep me going all summer), Gretchen Reynold’s The First Twenty Minutes (the latest in fitness research), The Curse of the Jade Lily by David Housewright (gotta have something fun) and Season of the Witch by David Talbot (history of San Francisco during the 1960s and 70s.

  • RexNearAnoka

    Just finished “Vacation” by Deb Olin Unferth. Highly recommended. Non-traditional approach to story telling, many layers, challenging but approachable, could be considered an experimental novel.