Video: Watch a python get dissected

Kerri’s guest today was Joy Reidenberg, a comparable anatomist. A caller asked her whether dissecting a giant squid reminded her of “Alien.” Reidenberg said no, but that another animal — the python — did remind her of the Ridley Scott sci-fi classic. The snake, like Sigourney Weaver’s most famous nemesis, has two sets of teeth.

You can watch the whole python-dissecting episode here:

Watch Monster Python on PBS. See more from Inside Nature’s Giants.

  • Maria

    I enjoyed the show today. I discovered Inside Nature’s Giants through BBC 4’s Youtube channel, and have watched all 18 episodes. I am particularly impressed with Dr. Reidenberg. If she has the same presence in the classroom as she does on TV and radio, she must be an excellent teacher. Indeed, I think she may be to biology and related sciences what Neil de Grasse Tyson is the astronomy and astrophysics. She has a great way of making complex things interesting and understandable. Thank you for having her on today.