Our standing meeting today

On Tuesday, we did a show on how sitting is the new smoking. So at our weekly meeting this afternoon, we all stood! Not sure about our improved health, but it definitely sped up the meeting.



Emily Kaiser, associate digital producer

  • Linda Armstrong

    As a registered dietitian and faculty in nutrition and dietetics at Normandale Community College, I like to talk about obesity-promoting environments (jobs where one sits, lots of junk food, video games, etc) vs. a fitness promoting environment (standing for meetings, walking meetings at work, healthy food, buying a trampoline for your kids instead of a video game system, etc)

    On Saturday, I went to a public hearing on the changes at Wirth Park where plans are underway to renovate the park, improve walking, biking and ski trails. It will cost a few million dollars, it is a fitness-promoting change.

    Now, let’s compare the almost one billion dollars that will be spent on the Viking stadium! Clearly, an obesity-promoting environment. Sitting, watching, drinking, eating. I am not surprised at the obesity in our community when our resources are focused on obesity-promoting activities.