Oil boom: Is North Dakota traffic worse than Los Angeles?

Reporter Todd Melby joins us today at 10:06 to talk about the oil boom in North Dakota.

You’ve got to listen to his reporting. My favorite is #10 on this soundcloud playlist, “Want to go to the movies?”

“What happens in Williston, stays in Williston.”

Stephanie Curtis, social media editor

  • Kristin Boeshans

    I am a native of North Dakota, moved to Minnesota last year. Sad, frustrated, and concerned for the communities and people of North Dakota. Those who are native to the state are being pushed out of their homes and communities, where many have lived for generations. Those coming in have nowhere to live, often don’t have their families with them, and cannot integrate into the communities, and the result is the loss for all. Legislators should be protecting North Dakota. Instead they are selling it. All that was unique and wonderful about my home state is slowly being destroyed. In 15 years, when the oil leaves, I am afraid to see what will be left behind for the communities to try to salvage.

  • Jeff T

    My 10 year old son is living in Minot with his mother. Long story as to why they are there but they moved there from Orlando, FL four years ago. Last summer their house that they were renting was flooded and now they are stuck in FEMA trailer housing and can’t get out of it. They can’t get out because the rents and property prices are ridiculously high. (this is similar to the woman on the air now) A house before the flood that rented for $1000 is now renting for 3 – 4000 dollars and they can not get into anything. From what I am told the city of Minot is not doing much of anything to assist these families and the people renting are charging as much as they can – price gouging. They rent to multiple oil workers who just want a room and can afford to go in on a large rental cost. It is hurting the families that live there.

    My sons elementary school was flooded and will not be rebuilt. He has to go to school in a church.

    Anyway, horrible place for a family that does not own a home.

  • Anonymous

    “Great discussion! Another angle is that there needs to be more regulation of these companies–they are costing so much in roads and infrastructure building (and yet have all of these tax breaks), half of the ND legislature and the governor are basically bought by Big Oil, and recently the state just “gave away” a nature park for drilling. ”

  • Anna

    I moved to North Dakota after being laid off from my job in Minnesota.

    Yesterday I spent 6 hours at the local urgent care clinic to get a sprained hand looked at. There were only 7 people in the waiting room but there was only one provider available.

    The healthcare facilities here cannot keep up with the demand for services. They were caught unawares with the huge increase in population and they can recruit all they want to for providers but the shortage of housing makes that all but impossible. Even if they can get healthcare staff there is nowhere for them to live.

    Even on a modest income, most housing is out of reach unless you make a six figure salary.

    The nearest large shopping mall is just over two hours away. There are no fine dining restaurants and limited cultural venues such as Broadway plays and classical concerts. There are no 24 hour pharmacies.

    If I’m going to live in a large city, I want the advantages of a large urban area. I worry about my healthcare access as well.

    The nearest specialists are also just over two hours away in Minot or four hours away in Bismarck. Any serious trauma cases have to be flown to Bismarck or Minot. The cost of these emergency flights are borne by the healthcare consumer not the insurance company.

    Long-time residents also tell me Williston USED to be a very friendly town.

    It’s not that way anymore.

    The mayor can keep his rose colored glasses on but I see very little positives in a town that kicks out its founding families in exchange for a liquid, black pot of gold.

    ‘Love of money is the root of all evil.”