What are the best and worst airports you’ve visited?

We’re talking about great airports for layovers today.

Travel and Leisure’s readers say that Minneapolis-St. Paul is the best. The criteria? Dining and shopping, friendliness, and the security line experience.

The worst? La Guardia. The travelers complained about the uncommunicative staff and filth.

Disembarking, La Guardia, 17 Nov. 2008

(Photo by PhilipC/CC via Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution Generic 2.0 License)

  • Stephanie Curtis

    Rudy Maxa’s layover guide.

    Also, October 16 and November 17, 2012 will be the busiest day of the year at MSP if they follow history.

  • Elisha

    O’Hare has many, many art exhibits and between terminals even offer live concerts each day of the week.

  • stephanie Curtis

    Rudy tip: Take an empty water bottle through security. Fill it up on the other side.

  • Carol Weiler

    I have a great way to cut food costs while flying. Pack a lunch! Have done this for years.

  • stephanie Curtis

    Rudy tip: Take an empty water bottle through security. Fill it up on the other side.

  • stephanie Curtis

    You can find Rudy Maxa’s Secrets of MSP here. What you need to do is click on “articles” and then page down to page 50.

  • leslie

    I think MSP should have a nail salon. If men can get their shoes polished while they wait for their flights to depart, why can’t women get a quick manicure? I know I sure could use one after packing for a trip, and I’d welcome the extra time to dry.

  • kurt nelson

    Portland International (PDX) is my favorite airport to fly in and out of. Short security lines (mostly), parking is easy, good food, friendly folks working and of course, it means that I am in Portland again, and that is always a good thing.

    Denver is my least favorite. Long security lines, less than happy workers, the food is meh, and the drive into Denver is long.

  • Wally

    ALL airports are the worst, under this new maximum security police state mentality. And even before September 11 I almost got arrested at Stockholm’s Arlanda for resisting x-rays of my camera and film. (That’s one reason I went digital).

    But it’s hard to take a boat to Europe, so I guess I’m stuck with doing something I find distasteful. But every year, security measures make flying more difficult, and less enjoyable, and who catches most of the would-be bombers? Fellow passengers.

    By the way, Iceland’s main airport at Keflavik, is really cool.