Want a new poem in your inbox every week?

During last Friday’s Daily Circuit Rewind (sounds and conversations you might have missed!), we asked local author Alison McGhee to read Marie Howe’s poem, “What the Living Do.”

Alison has a blog where she posts her pick for Poem of the Week. The criteria, she says, is simple. She just has to like the poem on a visceral level, for one reason or another.

Many listeners seemed to like the poem as well. A lot of you called in to find out how to get on Alison’s Poem of the Week list, and where to find the text of the poem. Alison was thrilled to hear that the poem resonated with people and she has been kind enough to give us her email address – just shoot her an email (alison_mcghee@hotmail.com) if you’d like to get the Poem of the Week right in your inbox.

Or visit her blog, here.

Listen to the entire Daily Circuit Rewind from May 5th here. Alison’s reading is at the end.

–Alex DiPalma, assistant producer