Help for distressed homeowners

On Tuesday’s show while discussing the mixed signals we’re getting on the U.S. economy, we received a call from a Brian in Le Sueur, Minn. He explained that he and his wife had to go into foreclosure after his son got sick, and that the bank wouldn’t refinance because he made too much money.

Whenever we talk about the economy and the housing market on the program, we always get calls like this, and they’re heartbreaking. It’s another clear indication that the housing crisis is not over.

Since the guests on the program were not in the position to offer Brian any advice, I sent him some links to organizations that might be able to help him, and I’ll post them here as well:

Minnesota Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Association

Center for Responsible Lending’s Mortgage Resources for Consumers

The Office of Attorney General Lori Swanson

Foreclosure Relief Law Project

Minnesota Homeownership Center

  • Jane Kulas


    I think problems for the media began when that crazy, wild-eyed nutcake RUSH went on the air. It seems as though “thousands” like him have come along on TV and radio since his debut (and don’t forget R. M.’s FOX-News).

    These people are so outrageous and slanted that they have given all media a black eye, because they simply aren’t viewed as credible by a lot of people.

    If somebody could shut those crazy right-wingers up, media might have a chance to recover.

    That is why NPR and MPR are so important!

    They bring some sanity into the media market!

    Keep up the good work!