What do you want to do before you die?

On Monday, Candy Chang will be on the show. She’s an artist who is best known for a public chalkboard on the side of an abandoned house in New Orleans. She wrote “Before I die I want to _______” and had residents fill in the blank.

She put up similar installations in cities around the world.

How about you? What do you want to do before you die?

Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Lee Jones

    Before I die I would like to go to the Atacama Desert in Peru – it is purported to have the best views of the stars anywhere on Earth.

  • stephanie

    Kerri went there!

    I asked her what it’s like. She said, “It is quite beautiful in a stark way.” Then she paused and added, “It is also quite hot.”

  • Before I die I want to not want.

    If we know not what we have not, we want not;

    If we know what we have not, we want;

    If we know not what we have, we want;

    If we know what we have, we want not.

  • Julie

    A friend of mine died today. I want to do what she did before she left us – trained in her replacements.

    She was a legend of local activism and passed away in her sleep without warning. Her loss will be felt deeply, but her work will continue uninterrupted because she mentored so many of us along the way. At the time, her work with new activists seemed like gifts to us as individuals. But looking back, it was more about building a movement that would have lasting impact.

    She built a kind of immortality that went beyond memory of her name to the creation of a self perpetuating good. That is of course, if those of us she mentored train in our replacements too.

  • Love is a guidance system, not a desire. Love does not seek satisfaction for now or for everlasting; love receives satisfaction with self-respect when void of ulterior motive, and desires can produce the following:

    • disappointments and anger when they do not materialize,

    • disregard for what or who is present,

    • sadness to people who suffer the transgressions of desire,

    • conflicts with other desires (within self or among others),

    • the desire for direction when choosing among desires,

    • prerequisite desires (steps) to satisfy a desire,

    • desire when another desires us to desire,

    • desire when the pursuit of a desire is perceived by others as a direction for themselves,

    • misjudgments thru rationalizing our desires and

    • dissatisfaction when desire trains us and chains us to ‘desire, reward desire, desire’.

    The accumulation of days motivated by desire can inherit a lifetime of receiving and giving disappointments, conflicts, misjudgments, sadness, anger, disregard, and dissatisfaction. Even the desire to optimize everyone’s life can receive and give the negative consequences of desire.

  • Dear Candy:

    I’d like to see you to ask the following before I die:

    Imagine we agree to abolish money and offer our goods and services for free; would you

    • contribute with your present job,

    • contribute with a different job,

    • contribute with a new enterprise or

    • not contribute?

  • Ann

    There is nothing I want to do very much. I am ready and looking forward to being with the Savior for an eternity.