Poll: How well have the media covered the Trayvon Martin case?

Tomorrow, we’re talking about media coverage of the Trayvon Martin case. Interest in the story varies widely depending on race, sex and political affiliation, according to a recent Pew Center poll:

3-27-12 #3

What do think of the news coverage? Do you think you have a clear view of what happened that night?

We’ll take your calls tomorrow at 9:06. Leave comments here and we’ll read some of them on the air.

Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Mike

    Trial by media. Reporters should report the facts. Speculation is bad. Opinions are for Op ed columns. It is not newsworthy to report what my views are, or whether I think it was racist, or if I think the law was broken. I was not there, neither was the media. Tell me the facts that the police have made public, don’t solicit opinions or ask for witnesses . Let the courts and the law enforcement folk do their job.

  • suestuben

    I think the news coverage got better when the murder became a ’cause celeb.’ As usual, the more conservative news coverage was pretty slanted to favor the shooter, but even they began to tread more gingerly when they noticed that millions were taking the story very seriously.

    I hope this helps us continue to look at the deeply rooted racism and hatred this country harbors. I hope that the police are forced to examine their practice of stopping people for ‘driving while black.’ It’s not just racist, it’s terrorism. Why do black men have to put up with something terrifying while white men get a pass? I hope more black men will speak out about their experiences at the hands of the police. Florida should feel awfully ashamed of their overt racism; and ARREST Zimmerman!

  • Stephanie

    Thanks Sue and Mark. I’ll read your comments on the air tomorrow.

  • Joe

    Of couse not.

    A good portion of the media reported the story as they wanted it to be: racist white guy on a power trip blows away young black teenager, and is allowed to walk away due to a permissive gun law.

    As more facts came out, we learned it wasn’t nearly as simple as that. The kid was a big 17 year old gangsta wanna-be with disciplinary problems (in fact, suspended from school when he was shot), and had assaulted Zimmerman.

  • nichole

    The coverage I read is both black and evite publication. It seems the physical description of tm differs,wish the media would focus on why top official were at crime scene,chief quitting….like the coverage of talking to young black man and perception,hope it continue

  • Mike

    What is needed is an investigative report on the incident, not more talk about opinions and reactions.