Poll: Does Minnesota need new immigration laws?

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments on both sides of Arizona’s state immigration law, known as SB 1070. It’s a complicated law with many provisions to discourage illegal immigrants from entering or remaining in Arizona.We’ll be talking about it at 9 a.m. today.

Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Jim

    I think the same people complaining about the fraction of their tax dollars that goes towards paying an illegal immigrant’s hospital charges would grumble even louder when they were no longer around to pick produce and prices at the supermarket went up.

  • Julie

    I think it is very important to keep the discussion focused on facts, meaning both the benefits and drawbacks of new immigrants coming to MN. Remember that MN is founded on a tradition of new influxes of immigrants, as were most of our grandparents. What I find disturbing when the discussion allows for fear and conjecture as a means to make policy. For example, a previous caller stated a common assumption that immigrants are taking all the good jobs from us that are already here. I am not so sure that is true! From what I have seen, the majority not coming here on academic scholarship are poor people taking blue collar & low paying or minimum wage jobs that no one of us would truly desire; at least for very long. This provides a benefit to the economy, not to mention that many do pay taxes and buy local goods and services. So unless I dream of my or your, sons and daughters working in a slaughterhouse or cleaning toilets in a corporate building downtown over the graveyard shift, this argument seems false. Psychological studies show that fear and anger actually routes the brain from its best cognitive functions. That it seems, is something this country literally cannot afford.