Human behind Decorah ‘Eagle Cam’ addresses cat rumor

After my interview this morning on The Daily Circuit about the three eaglets that hatched over the weekend and viewed by thousands via the Raptor Resource Center’s webcam, I saw this from my favorite birder on Twitter:

Say it ain’t so, Eagle Cam! A feline lunch? I had to know the answer, so I emailed Bob Anderson, the center’s director and the man I interviewed for our segment this morning.

It turns out Bob has heard about the rumor and sent me this reply:

No cat was brought to the Decorah BE nest. I have had many people ask about this internet rumor but, there was never a cat brought to the Decorah BE nest.

With the huge internet success of the Decorah BE Cam there are now several other eagle cams on the web and it is possible that one of these had a cat brought to the nest but for sure not the Decorah BE Cam.

Phew! Crisis averted. Now we can go back to enjoying the little ones (better known as D12, D13, & D14) munching on bits of fish, rabbit and whatever else the parental units bring home. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

Live stream here:

Live broadcast by Ustream

Tom Weber