A business owner who hires undocumented workers weighs in

During our in-depth segment about immigration today, we got a call from Diana in Minnetonka, Minn. She identified herself as a conservative business owner who hires undocumented immigrants:

“I don’t know any kids coming out of high school that aspire to either milk cows or slaughter cattle or work in the fields, or a lot of them don’t even want to be landscapers.

I think there’s a place in our country for these employees. They are hard workers, they do — like you say — a lot of them pay in. They have their taxes taken out of their checks.

I would be for – maybe if they’ve worked in the country two to five years and they don’t have any criminal record – maybe it should be a payroll deduction where we charge, you know, five or seven thousand dollars to become legal and they have to do some other things.

But I think, you know, there’s a definite place. I’ve tried to hire all legal employees and it’s just very hard to get good workers and people who want to do the kind of work that I hire people to do.”

Stephanie Curtis, social media host