Nonprofit behemoths: Why did Nature Conservancy partner with BP?

During today’s discussion about non-profits, a listener passed along a message that he decided to stop contributing to Nature Conservancy after he heard that they had partnered with British Petroleum for five years. The listener felt like this partnership stretched Nature Conservancy’s credibility, and that the partnership had never been explained.

Shortly afterward, I received a call and an email from Christopher Anderson, with the local chapter of the Nature Conservancy. He passed along this note in response:

“We have received funding from BP to prevent and mitigate the environmental impact of natural gas extraction in Colorado and Wyoming. BP provides some funding to the Conservancy to pay for data collection and analysis, which is peer-reviewed and publicly available.”

He also passed along a link to an explanation of the partnership from Nature Conservancy chief scientist Peter Karieva.

Chris Dall, senior producer