Why some kids hate drinking water

The moment I’ll remember from our show about obesogens is this anecdote from Dr. Michael Dedekian, a pediatric endocrinologist at Maine Medical Center. Kerri asked him what he thought of diet sodas for kids.

The…phenomenon I see clinically with these artificial sweeteners is that children — some of them it seems from birth — are used to the sense of sweetness in their mouth all the time. So I have children who come to me, and they are being absolutely honest when they say, ‘I can’t drink water. It tastes disgusting to me.’ (They say) that water has become unpalatable.

Which is unimaginable when you think about it. We are made mostly of water. It is the stuff of life. It was horrific for me to hear this from kids.

I second that. I like water.

Stephanie Curtis, social media host