How the new iPad ruined my day

Yesterday, in the middle of our live chat on about how big retailers like Target track your shopping habits, our content management system — Scribble Live — crashed.

It was the new iPad that did it.

There were so many live chats about the iPad going at once that Scribble Live was overwhelmed and many people were upset.

The reveal of a new tablet from Cupertino is apparently Scribble Live’s equivalent of a presidential election.

Since the last major Apple event in October, we devoted significant resources to prepare for today. We believed we solved the problem. We didn’t.

The system worked fine today, but I guarantee that I won’t risk hosting a Daily Circuit live chat when the iPhone 5 is unveiled.

Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • John Pastor

    I have no idea what you just said. I don’t own any of these electronic instruments – not a Kindle, tablet, I-anything, not even a cell phone. I don’t know what a live chat is nor how to work an I-pad, and scribbling is something I do with paper and pencil.

    Have you considered that the more we use these instruments, the more fragile and unstable our lives have become? That the chronic anxiety they create is a barrier to the joy of deep thinking, personal quiet, and real communication between two people, face to face?

  • wendy gaskill

    John – you are living in the dark ages. Would you have told you parents or grandparents or great great grandparents – don’t get a radio – it will make your life anxious. Don’t get a telephone, just write letters – it will make your life anxious. The world is changing – accept it my friend. I keep wondering – what is next after the ipad is obsolete? I am curious. Wendy

  • Ben

    The tablet like the computer will never become obsolete reason being although the tablet and the smartphone can do most things a computer can do they can’t do everything and you won’t be able to fit a computer that can do those flop thingies into a tablet for another 50 years or so (look at Apollo with its 2.something MHZ processor now 40 years on we have processors 1000 times better I’ve a laptop at home with a 500 MHZ processor 10 years on my bb playbook is twice as powerful

    I have no idea where I’m going with this I just rambled on sorry lol