How stressed are you? Take a survey to find out

Yale researchers found that stress actually can shrink your brain and we talked about it on today’s show. I don’t know about you, but it made me want to know how stressed out I am. Luckily, Yale’s Stress Center has a survey you can take.

You have to log in, but it doesn’t take long.

Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Joel

    The host mentioned Iowa caucuses with people trying to convince their neighbors to come join the Santorum side or Romney side. That’s not how Republicans do it in Iowa — they just do a paper ballott. Democrats do it the way the host described.

  • Tom Weber, Daily Circuit

    Thanks for the clarification, Joel!

  • Mike Griffin

    The new Daily Circuit format is terrible. Attempts to make the morning programming more chatty and social media-connected push the style closer to commercial radio (exactly what MPR listeners choose NOT to listen to) and comes across as performative, affected, pandering, and annoying. You will surely lose many long-time listeners and supporters by trending in this direction. I have been an MPR member for decades. For the first time these changes are making me question my future support.

  • JBL

    And this is why Minnesotans can’t make friends.

  • Ahaha

    Oh Mike. Considering that commercial radio probably gets about a bazillion times more listeners than MPR ever could, they’ll probably stop missing your support as soon as they pick up those bazillion more commercial fans you seem to think don’t matter.

  • Kevin

    Why do surveys that list occupation so often leave out “stay-at-home parent”? You have to pick something, and I have no idea what to pick. To me, unemployed means I’m looking for a job (and I assume if I answer that it will factor into my stress level). For that matter, “retired” isn’t an option either.