Gov. Dayton takes your questions Monday

This is your chance to ask Minnesota’s governor about the Vikings stadium: Mark Dayton will be in The Daily Circuit studios Monday and we’ll be taking your questions.


MPR Photo/Jeffrey Thompson

Dayton also got good economic news this week with the announcement of the $323 million budget surplus. The jobs picture is also looking up: The Department of Employment and Economic Development announced the state has added 15,500 jobs since January.

Tune in Monday, March 5 at 9:06 a.m.

Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Joan Kinsley

    I am a loyal democrat who voted for Dayton. But as the wife of a teacher at a struggling charter school and a mother of two in Minneapolis Public Schools, I have to say that borrowing against our schools was one of the worst decisions, and I’m embarrassed that it was endorsed by a democratic governor. Now that we have a $323 million surplus, we need to pay our schools back IMMEDIATELY. My husband’s school has a $100,000 shortfall that could close its doors by June because the state owes them $300,000. Pay them back NOW and don’t wait until summer when it can be too late for many schools. My husband is only being paid 60% of his salary, again – waiting for Dayton to pay back the schools. I wish we spent as much time trying to figure out how to raise money to support our schools as we do trying to figure out how to fund building a stadium.

  • Bob Kohlmeier

    I voted for Mr. Dayton based on his campaign promise to “tax the rich”. But since his election the state was shut down and we homeowners have seen our property taxes rise by over 10%, and we have lost our homestead credit. Gov. Dayton, back in November, told us the state’s stadium subsidy limit would not exceed $300 million. He is now proposing $398 million. Gov. Dayton is “feeding the rich” and not “taxing the rich”. It is simply redistribution of wealth to the wealthy. He will not get my vote next time.

  • Erik

    I tend to vote Independent…leaning toward the Democrat side. I did not vote for Dayton in 2010.

    Gov. Dayton, if you sign bill HF1467 you can count another vote for yourself come 2014.

  • Allen Holcomb

    I am ashamed of our state government who are considering funding a stadium and a bridge while avoiding their major responsibility of funding education on a timely basis!

  • Pete Como

    I think we should use this money for a sports program raising young children to a high level of fitness and health. We could raise an Olympic juggernaut with this money.

    Also, the recent revelation regarding money for maiming in the NFL is enough for me to say the NFL is “no good”.

  • sarah

    If we ask the legislature and Governor to act in a bipartisan manner, we citizens have to do the same. I don’t care a fig about football but I care about my fellow Minnesotans who love it, so I will pay my share. I support you, Gov. Dayton

  • Jamie

    Bob and Joan, I don’t know if you’ll look at this blog any more, but I want to comment on what you wrote above.

    Mark Dayton wasn’t responsible for the state shut-down and he didn’t WANT to borrow against schools or against the tobacco funds. Those things were forced by Republicans who would not compromise on the budget. Dayton offered compromise after compromise, and Republicans would not budge and allow taxes to be raised on the wealthiest Minnesotans. Meanwhile Republicans DID force taxes to be raised on poor and middle-class Minnesotans by cutting the renters’ property tax credit.