Do you know a smart, talkative newshound?

Today we’ll read audience comment, tweets, letters and emails on the air.

Got something to say about the show? Did you love a particular segment? Really dislike something? Leave a comment. I might read it on the air.

Also, we have a request from senior producer Chris Dall. He wants suggestions for Friday roundtable guests. They’ve got to be chatty, immersed in news, opinionated and able to join us live in the studio.

Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Josh


    I suggest having some guests from Clearway MN and/or William Mitchell’s Tobacco law center on the show. We seem to use the tobacco money to cover short term funding problems with our ineffective gov’t., but the money also does many other things. I think it would make for an interesting discussion.



  • Julie Blaha

    I’d like to see Tane Danger from the Theater of Public Policy at the roundtable. He’s immersed in a crazy wide range of issues because of his work on his show, knows how to play off of other guests from his comedy improv background, and is young enough to balance the much larger pool of older guests. He’s funny without being silly, he’s sharp without being mean, and he can listen as well as he can speak. Tane Danger is tailor made for your show.

  • stephanie Curtis

    Both great ideas. Thanks.

    I can’t believe we didn’t think of Theater of Public Policy already! Such a great fit.

  • I would be thrilled and honored to be a guest on the Friday Roundtable. I co-founded The Theater of Public Policy in an effort to demystify the supposedly boring or ugly business of policy and politics. Discussions about these issues don’t have to be dull, dry affairs.

    The Theater of Public Policy is about pulling new people into the conversation using humor and theater. But MPR is the gold standard when it comes to important conversations that are captivating and intriguing.

    I’m a news and politics junkie. As a former journalist, I’ve maintained my intellectual curiosity and respect for all sides of an issue. My age probably gives me a slightly different take on many big questions than my more senior counterparts.

    Coming on the Friday News Roundtable would be my very geeky dream come true.

  • Michael

    I think Tane S Danger from the Theatre of Public Policy would be a fabulous addition. Insightful, witty, and humorous, to say the least, with an excellent understanding of current events and politics.

  • Pati

    Hear, hear for Tane Danger. I think listeners would enjoy his take on the news! I know I do.

  • Lauren Bennett

    I think Tane Danger would be fantastic. Not only would I enjoy hearing his voice, I think a lot of other people would to. As some one who not only talks about public policy weekly, but is sharp enough to make fun of it, he would be the perfect fit!

  • Raquel

    I loved the segment with the economist from CATO. I recall you said that maybe discussing tax code reform would make a good discussions subject– PLEASE DO!!

    And thank you.

  • Stephanie Curtis

    Tane sounds like the most popular man in Minnesota.

  • Stephanie

    Raquel — Chris Dall (our senior producer) just mentioned that we really need to do a follow up just like that.

  • Alison Griffin

    Tane Danger from the new and amazing Theater of Public Policy! They’re bringing civility and humor to important policy issues. He’d be a great guest!

  • Brandon Boat

    Because I support what’s popular, I’d also like to recommend Tane. Based on what I’ve seen from his show, he’s steeped in issues of the day, has developed a new project around discussing big ideas, and he has a face for radio…only kidding on the last one.

  • Jenna

    Sarah Bauer, of the Minnesota Newspaper Association, is the definition of “smart, talkative newshound.” Plus, it would be nice to have someone in her 20’s on the show.

  • Jen

    Tane Danger should be on the show.

  • Stephanie

    We would love to have some folks in their 20s on the show.

  • Ted

    How about Reps Buesgens and Dittrich on bipartisanship in the Legislature?

  • Derek

    I second younger people. How about an educator? The recent story about teachers with all time low job satisfaction merits further discussion. Also, Haddyr Copley-Woods, who just that piece on prone restraint and has written on parenting, education, and healthcare. Bonnie Watkins, writer and recently retired from MN Women’s Consortium. David Brauer is always all knowing. Lizz Winstead when she’s in town. Performer and smart person, Courtney MacLean. Or howabout Molly Priesmeyer?

  • Jessica Landis

    Tane Danger from the Theater of Public Policy is my vote as well. His silken tones would grace any radio show, and his informed opinions would only make it that much sweeter.

    I’d love to hear him as a guest.

  • Andrea

    I work with Tane Danger at the Theater of Public Policy, and I highly recommend him for this roundtable show. He is well-informed, open-minded, opinionated (in a good way), and articulate. He has a good sense of humor and will be fully engaged in any conversation you have with him. I love watching him interview our guests – he’s great!

  • dum dum alouwishes

    David Brauer.

    or that Dave Anton guy. VERY engaged, and engaging

  • Chuck Pederson

    Jon McGee, vice president of planning and public affairs at Saint John’s/Saint Benedict’s, in Collegeville, is a former debater and longtime current events junkie who loves to talk. Sports? Education? Local or national politics? Family issues? Music? Literature? Jon will have an opinion. Highly recommended as a funny, friendly, and personable radio guest. Plus, he can talk fast, so you’ll really get your money’s worth.

  • Carstens

    I like younger voices because they give insight into how policies are impacting their generation and tell what influences are bubbling up and evolving in their world. But I learn from the older voices. Experience gives perspective. So, how about a mix of ages on each topic, being sure to add some of the 65+ people who may not be as active now or current names in the news, but have something important to say? I’d start with Carol Connolly for Minnesota politics. She’s know for being St. Paul’s poet lauereate, but she spent decades involved in politics from a behind-the-scenes perspective.

    I’d also really like to hear more voice from outside the metro area. I can’t recommend any because one rarely hears out-of-metro news, though MPR is far, far better than any other news outlet for covering news from other parts of the state.

    I’m sure Dan Gunderson would have some thoughts about potential guests.

  • judy sutter

    I think Tane Danger, in his mid twenties, has a natural talent for interviewing. He can keep an intelligent conversation on a timely topic both serious and humorous simultaneously. He has a great future ahead of him and I recommend him for your show.