Presidential rhetoric, penguins on planes, and the secret life of bees

Here’s a round up of what our producers are reading, watching, and longing for.

Emily Kaiser: Cats and dolphins can’t taste sweets. That’s crazy. And here are some penguins flying first class.


Alex DiPalma: Surprising look at the power of presidential rhetoric, and how little it actually matters.

Meggan Ellingboe: Martha Graham opens its season at the Joyce. Wish I could be in New York for all the good dance going on right now.


Madelyn Mahon: After Thursday’s discussion with Jason Castro about bees and the brain, I went back and read through some of his older Scientific American articles. This one on bees experiencing moods was fascinating!

Stephanie Curtis, social media host


Bottlenose dolphins leap off the Southern California coast on January 30, 2012 near Dana Point, California. (Getty Images/David McNew)

Dancer Blake­ley White-McGuire and Tadej Brdnik from the Martha Graham Dance Company perform a scene from ‘Every Soul is a Circus’ during a dress rehearsal before opening night March 13, 2012 at the Joyce Theater in New York.(TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)