Dark Scandinavian novels from before Lisbeth got her dragon tattoo

Kerri’s book recommendation this week is The Fifth Woman by Henning Mankell.

I don’t consider myself a huge fan of Scandinavian fiction, even though I read a lot of them. That’s probably because I know people who are obsessed with it. I know one lady who purchases the books from UK bookstores so she can read English translations before they hit stateside.

I’m not that devoted.

That said, one of my favorite books is a Swedish mystery, The Laughing Policeman. The husband-wife team of Per Wahloo and Maj Sjowall wrote the book in 1968. It’s got great characters, a grim Scandinavian atmosphere (that’s a good thing) and a dynamite plot

It’s one of the rare mysteries worth re-reading. There’s a lot there beyond whodunit.

Stephanie Curtis, social media host