Yes, you can send us a question

We took away the “Send Us a Question” button. And we got a lot of emails like this one from Joseph:

I’d like to be able to submit questions/comments without having to subscribe to twitter or facebook (I’m not on either of these).

So we brought it back. The link is live today on the MPR News homepage. So…feel free to send us a question.

Stephanie Curtis

  • Eric

    Victim of the popular expectation of cutesy headlines?

  • Jason

    Please stop with the gun jokes. It’s not professional and demeans those that follow the law and carry firearms legally.

  • JBL

    Could you pop that button on under the “Listen Now” box on the Daily Circuit page too?

  • mary

    OMG, the new Daily Circuit is awful…a bunch of colleagues and frequent guests yucking it up in the studio totally kills the intimacy of the simple: host, guest, listener format. what were you thinking of!?

    And how much airspace can you waste talking about “what’s coming up”?

    Kerri Miller she is one of MPR’s greatest assets, but keep her on the first 2 hours whether than forcing her into a 3rd hour in which her work load is diluted by having a gaggle of guests in the studio.

  • Alison

    Yeah! Thank you!

  • Steve Johnson

    I have read some very thought provoking speculations that the speed of light may not be constant over time and space. What is the state discussion at this time?

  • Ananda

    African American Artist ALWAYS overlooked. Rickie Havens “WOODSTOCK OPENER!!!”

  • Kirk

    I totally agree.

    I have waited through the week before commenting in order to “give it a chance”, but The Daily Circuit is a ‘short-circuit’.

    It is draining all of the awesome morning energy which Kerri Miller has expertly built for MPR.

    PLEASE at least let her resume her first two hours in the format she does so well.

    If I want a bunch of morning banter I can tune-in to morning shows on commercial radio.

    Thank you for listening. Kirk

  • Isaac Muhammad

    The Somali community here in Minnesota and everywhere
    in the world is outraged by the despicable act of terror carried out by the
    criminal Al-Shabaab terrorists at Westgate Mall in Nairobi. As a member of
    Somali intellectuals, I would like to send my condolences to those who died and
    wish the quickest recovery for those injured at this horrible tragedy.
    Al-Shabaab is a color and a religious blind, they will kill anyone who stands
    on their way to terrorize the world and invoke their fundamental ideology.

    Al-Shabaab has been terrorizing the Somalian people
    for the last eight years and now started to spread their act of terror
    throughout the region. We as Somalians
    feel the agony that our sisters and brothers in Kenya are going through and we
    stand by them to defeat Al-Shabaab in any form, shape or means possible. We urge the world to unite the fight against
    these criminals and help African peace keeping forces, Somali federal forces
    and the newly formed Jubbaland forces to defeat and wipe Al-Shabaab out of the

    Thank you,

    Isaac Muhammad