What happened to the show’s first guest today?

We got a lot of audience response to an incident on The Daily Circuit’s wealthy politicians in-depth segment this morning.

For those of you who tuned in at 9 a.m. this morning, you heard one of our guests, Allan Lichtman, suddenly yelp in pain and begin heavily breathing on air. During a quick check-in, he told me he was OK. He said he had an accident, but was ready to join the conversation. He contributed to a lively discussion on wealth and politics.

You can listen to the audio of the segment if you missed it:

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After we wrapped the hour, I checked back in with Lichtman to make sure he was actually OK. He described a freak accident: His wife was bringing him his computer and he was meeting her to retrieve it, but he ended up running into his computer with his eye. Yes, his eye.

We are relieved and grateful that his accident wasn’t worse. We appreciated his composure and his willingness to continue the show. Thank you all for your concern! We always want our guests to feel comfortable as we value their knowledge and time. If he had not felt good or wanted more time to recover, we would have worked around it.

The second week into The Daily Circuit continues to prove that each hour, each second, is different. It keeps us all, listeners and staff, on our toes.

Meggan Ellingboe

  • David

    I wonder if this explains why he was such a cranky jerk the whole hour or if that is just his natural disposition.

    Nevertheless he was highly entertaining and I hope he becomes a frequent guest.

  • John Hoffman

    What a trooper to “go on with the show”.

  • Dan Gjelten

    Man, that was scary, though. I thought he’d had a stroke or a cardiac arrest or something. I agree he was cranky. I hope he wasn’t too mad at his wife.

  • mary

    A) Lichtman should have been prepared for the interview…after all he’s working from the comfort of his home and getting free publicity for his books.

    B) My god was he really that badly hurt!? His reaction would lead most listeners to believe his eye had been plucked from its socket with a red-hot pliers. If we learn he actually did lose an eye in the accident, I’ll be the first to apologize.

  • c.d. eide

    i think it really was a bat in his office.