What do we need to ask about rising gas prices?

Near the end of our 9am hour on The Daily Circuit tomorrow, we’ll speak with Steve LeVine about rising gas prices. He’s a fellow at the New America Foundation, a longtime foreign correspondent, and author of the book “The Oil and the Glory.”

We want to know what’s causing this February spike in gas prices and potentially whether the threat of $5/gallon gas might affect the 2012 presidential race.

There were several comments about this issue on an MPR News Cut blog post a few days ago.

I’ve also been reading through articles on LeVine’s website; as well as articles here, here, and here.

But what am I missing? What’s the most pressing question about gas prices that you have? I hope you’ll leave a comment below.

PS – LeVine is pronounced luh-VINE, for those keeping score at home, and as our producer Kryssy discovered, this man might possibly have one of the best wiki page intros ever.

-Tom Weber