Upcoming: Ruth Hayden on paying for college

Money and relationship expert Ruth Hayden will join Kerri in the studio on Friday at 10:00 a.m. to talk about paying for college.

If you have any questions about how to save for college or manage the debt you already have, post them here and I’ll pass them onto Ruth.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is creating a new model format for schools to use to inform students and families about financial offers. They want feedback. Check out their proposal and let them know what you think.

College admissions expert Carol Stack recommends that whether or not you are going to apply for student loans, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form. It’ll give you a sense of what the actual costs of school will be.

Stephanie Curtis

  • Kevin

    If I put money in a 529 plan, should I pick the Minnesota plan or is it ok to pick another state’s plan? Is there a state tax implication for picking the Minnesota plan?

    Is a Coverdale better than a 529?

  • Stephanie Curtis

    Thanks Kevin. We’ll ask Ruth on Friday.

  • Mary Anderson

    I currently have a senior in high school. It’s great that there are online calculators, but the application/financial system could use some help. We are getting acceptances which is great. However, we won’t know the financials for awhile. It seems like we will not have a lot of time to make a large financial decision because of the way the financial aid system works. I want to know how much it will really cost right now. I don’t want to wait until mid April and then have 2 weeks to make a large decision.

  • Ann Lyons

    I have long thought Kerri Miller went into her interviews with an agenda and today that theory was proved. There has been historic legislation put into effect by President Obama, changing the game for college loans and there was NO mention of it on this show. If I were a college student with big loans I would just go shoot myself after listening to this. There are changes that directly impact every bit of this conversation and it was completely ignored. I thought Public Radio was supposed to cover all sides of an issue. That does not happen when Kerri Miller is involved. You should be ashamed of yourself.