The audience weighs in

Kerri Miller and Tom Weber took questions from our audience about the new show. Here’s the archive:

  • Sorry I missed the live chat. The MPR airwaves blanket the state. I would LOVE to hear more discussions on topics that cover the state as well. There are some great stories out here in Greater (rural) Minnesota! There are small towns that are working to reinvent themselves in order to not just survive but thrive. There’s the Minnesota Early Childhood Initiative that has helped establish 90 early childhood coalitions in small communities throughout MN to help make them the best places for our youngest children to develop and thrive. The arts are alive and well in rural MN.

  • Derek

    Stylistically, I wish Miller would show more deference to callers. One thing I like about Talk of the Nation, is their ability to really let callers get their full question in and often follow-up with a question or point. They do it in a way that doesn’t usually “give over” the show to the caller. Too often, I feel the callers to MPR in the mornings are cut off, or not really have their questions/concerns addressed.

    (One thing I don’t like about TOTN is how quickly they jump to new topics. I hope the Circuit doesn’t try to do too much in its daily slot.)

  • Matthew Fry

    As much as I like call-in shows, there is a limit to how many hours of them I can listen to in a day. Consider reserving some time for in-depth local / state coverage in a NON call-in format. I have fond memories of the Eight Forty Eight format show from Chicago Public Radio and would appreciate similar programming focusing on my new city and state.

  • Matthew Schuster

    I would like to see a fair amount of news dedicated to local politics, the economics, and the environment. MIdday did a great job with local politics and economics — and I got hooked. I would like to see more environmental news.

  • Eric

    I have spent most of my life here, I think some of it is the midwest thing, but I think there is another factor. I have no idea how other states are in this regard, but people here are very family oriented and insular. When I talk to friends and neighbors about what they are doing, 90% of the times it revolves around children or siblings.