6 little-known sites to see in the U.S.

Travel writer Rick Steves joined us today. He may be a travel expert, but he doesn’t actually know much about traveling the U.S. and is now planning a road trip. So we asked the audience to give him some recommendations.

1. The Thomas Hart Benton House in Kansas City was recommended by LeoMPR.

2. There were 2 votes for a town I’ve never heard of (I’m not embarassed to admit this since Rick Steves had never heard of the Boundary Waters.): Valentine, Nebraska. Marcell said it’s “a very lovely hidden jewel.”

3. C likes the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky. They have quilt collections from 46 states.

4. Paula wrote, “We just discovered the barrier islands of Georgia where the rich and famous played in the gilded age–very interesting and no one in Minnesota knows about it. Cumberland Island is a national seashore that used to be owned by the Carnegies complete with wild horses.” It is also where John F. Kennedy, Jr. married Caroline Bessette in 1996.


5. Jim’s advice: “If Rick is going to Des Moines, he should visit the The National Balloon Museum & U.S. Ballooning Hall of Fame in Indianola, Iowa.”

6. Maria recommended the Hopewell burial mounds in Chillocothe, east of Dayton, Ohio.

Photo of Cumberland Island by RobBixbyPhotography/CC

Stephanie Curtis