On day one, we talk redistricting and weird food

The show debuts tomorrow at 9:00. On day one we’ll talk about the redistricting plans for Minnesota and how the nuclear family in America is changing as women put off marriage, pursue advanced degrees and make bank.

And Andrew Zimmern, the unflappable creator and host of “Bizarre Foods,” is in the studio with Kerri. Zimmern’s job is to zip about the globe finding foods that folks consider a perfectly sensible thing to put on a plate. Things most Americans wouldn’t touch.


Raw horse.

Compressed, dried grass snackcakes.

Swamp oysters.

(I love when Andrew says “I generally like eyeballs.”)

Have you stumbled across any dish that you think qualifies as bizarre?

What was the dish? Who served it to you? How’d it taste?

Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • randyaokeefe

    I love the free sample site “Get Official Samples” search online to find their official website, that’s where i get most of my samples from!!! yay i love free stuff.

  • Nate

    “It’s not poopy at all…”

  • Kevin Aylward

    One word comes to mind when I think of Grover Norquist “selfish”. no regard for those less fortunate, no regard for the next generation. For him it’s “all about me.”

  • DeQuan

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  • osman

    i would go back to the genesis era ask and beg Adam and Eva not to eat from that tree. if they refuse i will take them with me to 1915…1945….Africa starvation, hospitals all over the world…..

    i think that they have to reconsider the whole project.!???

    • osman

      i think that it worth….Beauty in suffering…
      thanks Adam… Eva…..Thanks God….
      life is good “

  • Shacks

    Stop Rome from falling

  • z204

    I would import spices to grow in Europe and if that didn’t work I would kill Columbus or whomever would discover the new world. Both sides needed more time alone.

  • leona18

    I would for back in time to tell my guardian to stop drinking. So He doesn’t die on me. He was the only father figure i had.

  • doodletown

    I would go to Hawaii in the 60’s and surf my brains out and live off the land.

  • Amelia

    i would go to ancient Anatolia or Egypt. 🙂 hehe I know some of the history back then about the Hittites and the Kings and I think It would be interesting to spend my years there forever. I don’t like this modern world; it’s too depressing and boring. I never really felt like i truly belonged in this time line.

  • olive

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  • That Guy

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  • illustrates

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  • Trolleaterforgreeceinromeandop

    I would go back in time to find out all of the worlds mysteries. It would be so great knowing what happened/who did it.

  • lancastergal

    I’d love to go back in time and meet William Shakespeare or Charles Dickens. Either one would be cool.

  • Jessie

    Go into the past and save my boyfriend’s mom from dying in that god awful fire.