On day one, we talk redistricting and weird food

The show debuts tomorrow at 9:00. On day one we’ll talk about the redistricting plans for Minnesota and how the nuclear family in America is changing as women put off marriage, pursue advanced degrees and make bank.

And Andrew Zimmern, the unflappable creator and host of “Bizarre Foods,” is in the studio with Kerri. Zimmern’s job is to zip about the globe finding foods that folks consider a perfectly sensible thing to put on a plate. Things most Americans wouldn’t touch.


Raw horse.

Compressed, dried grass snackcakes.

Swamp oysters.

(I love when Andrew says “I generally like eyeballs.”)

Have you stumbled across any dish that you think qualifies as bizarre?

What was the dish? Who served it to you? How’d it taste?

Stephanie Curtis, social media host