Does Grover Norquist feel responsible for Washington’s partisan gridlock?

The short answer is no.

It’s the question I posed to Norquist during my interview with him ahead of his visit to Minnesota on Tuesday, Feb. 21, to speak to the White Bear Area Chamber of Commerce.

Norquist is head of the group Americans for Tax Reform, a group that encourages candidates to sign a pledge that they will never, under any circumstance, support tax increases if elected. Once elected, the group keeps tabs of who has signed the pledge and who has broken the pledge.

Norquist’s critics don’t mince words, saying the pledge hamstrings lawmakers by keeping them from supporting budget compromises.

So I asked him during our interview whether he feels responsible for Washington’s gridlock, given he’s considered to be one of the most powerful (unelected) men in the nation’s capital. He says President Obama is to blame. His answer is here:

Norquist’s interview as it aired on Tuesday’s ‘The Daily Circuit’ can be found here.

Tom Weber, reporter