Whose loo? Mpls. may end gender-restrooms requirement

A Minneapolis City Council panel is recommending the city scrap a long-standing requirement that bars and restaurants have designated men’s and women’s restrooms.

A similar measure is under consideration at the state level. A proposed change to the state building code that would take effect in January would give all businesses the option to use unisex bathrooms instead. The change would apply only to bathrooms with one toilet stall and a locking door.

Dylan Flunker told council members he supports the change — as someone who’s transgender and as a father trying to potty-train his 3-year-old daughter.

“Men’s restrooms are not known for their cleanliness or always their baby-changing tables,” he said. “Single-use bathrooms that are accessible for families greatly increase the capacity of families to be out in public with their young children.”

The full city council will vote on the ordinance change next week. It will also consider a resolution encouraging businesses to make the transition to gender-neutral bathrooms.