Catch this vandal, never go hungry again

The folks at World Street Kitchen want you to track down the graffiti tagger BUMR. Badly. And they’re offering a once-in-a-lifetime reward.

“We really want to get this guy,” says Maria Zarkha, manager of the food truck-turned-restaurant on Lyndale Avenue.

She said co-owner Saed Wadi pulled up to the establishment this morning and found their catering van defaced with the tagger’s work, seen in the photo. “He actually tagged our food truck before, with just his name. But this is something else.”

Zarkha said she and the World Street Kitchen crew use the cargo van for deliveries and other business. They started their food truck five summers ago, and moved to their location at 2743 Lyndale Ave. S. in 2012.

Zarkha said she got to work and was shocked to see the vandalism on their truck. She filed a police report and is hoping a graffiti task force can help them remove the offending paint. “We’ll probably have to repaint it,” she said.

But one of her partners decided to turn the foodie table on the vandal and offer a lip-smacking reward: A life time supply of burritos. “This is not a joke,” the Twitter reward posting says. It’s been retweeted more than 100 times.

“All of us have shared it and retweeted it to try to get the word out and try to get the community involved to see if anybody knows who he is,” Zarkha said of the vandal. “We’ve seen his tag all over Uptown. There are some other vans down on 28th, where he also has some big pieces up on some other delivery vans over there, as well.”