Hey Pepsi, the Stone Arch Bridge is not in St. Paul

Propel water, a division of Gatorade and PepsiCo, is running a fitness promotion this summer, offering “thousands of fitness prizes” to people who send the company a receipt from a “qualifying purchase” in Minnesota or Wisconsin through Sept. 30.

And to let you know just how authentic their drink is, Propel executives are putting up location-specific ads on billboards along Interstate 94. That means you, St. Paul, home of the distinctively historic and picturesque … Stone Arch Bridge?

This billboard is just west of Lexington Parkway, on the south side of the freeway.

Maybe they just want you to pedal the approximately six miles over to the bridge at St. Anthony Falls  — in Minneapolis, not St. Paul — to work up a sufficient thirst for a “vitamin packed zero calorie water beverage.”

Pepsi’s customer service said they are looking into the matter.

UPDATE: Katie Montiel, a spokeswoman for Gatorade and Propel, said via email that they meant that: “While the campaign celebrates the entire state, it is centered in Minneapolis and St. Paul. We chose the imagery throughout the campaign as beautiful representations of the region, and did not mean to imply that specific image as St. Paul.”

  • Jon

    Perhaps billboard space was cheaper there

    • Ryan Coleman

      That makes no sense.
      What does make sense is if you search the net for the specific photo they purchased a license to use (a bit of a dream for every photographer) you’ll see that they have both Minneapolis and Saint Paul in the keywords.

      It happens, purchasers make mistakes when they aren’t from here, others are too cheap to buy a different photo from another ad campaign; why it happened doesn’t matter.

      Does that make it any less funny? Heck no. Pepsico should have hired a local ad agency. 🙂

  • Adam

    Am I on Buzzfeed?

  • Ken Pastrami

    Perhaps Minneapolis simply thinks St Paul is out of shape and went in on some promo with Pepsi to encourage St Paulites to recreate with us Minneapolitans.

  • ZG

    For the record, it’s just west of hamline..