New lynx kittens introduced at the Minnesota Zoo

The Minnesota Zoo will introduce four new Canada lynx kittens today. The kittens were born in May, but the zoo says they’ve been nursing, growing and bonding with their mom.

Now, the two girls and two boys are old enough to start exploring their new home on the zoo’s Medtronic Minnesota Trail.

The zoo describes Canada lynx:

Canada lynx have dense silvery-brown coats, ruffed faces, and tufted ears. Their extra-thick fur and large snowshoe-like paws make them well-suited to cold habitat in northern forests.

Snowshoe hare is the lynx’s primary food source. Unable to run for long distances, these skilled and patient hunters stalk and attack prey at close range.

Canada lynx are currently listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The Minnesota Zoo’s kittens are important additions to this species.