A jerky replica of a national monument: Meat Rushmore

Meatheads tied to Minneapolis and Mankato, Minnesota, are displayed in New York City today.

Mayor Betsy Hodges has proclaimed June 12 Jack Link’s Jerky Day in Minneapolis, coinciding with National Jerky Day. So did the mayor of Mankato, Eric Anderson. In celebration of the day, Jack Link’s created Meat Rushmore: a 13-foot tall and 17-foot wide sculpture of Mount Rushmore, made of jerky meat.

Today, the 1,400 cubic foot will be displayed in New York City. It’s made of three types of jerky meat.

In a video of the making of Meat Rushmore, the art director talks about the playful concept. “The big challenge with meat sculpting is that it hasn’t been done before, so you can’t possibly know what to expect,” he said in the video.

The project manager added, “There’s no sort of precedent for what that’s supposed to look like. I’ve used a lot of different materials, but this is a first for me.”

The making took 1,400 hours to put together, according to the video.

South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin also declared June 12 Jack Link’s Jerky Day.

Photos and musings of the sculpture are hitting social media:

And one person declares her love: