Video: The Green Line, every station, end to end

The Green Line light rail, between downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis, may never travel as fast as this 3 minute time-lapse video —  we’ve clocked test runs averaging more than an hour — but it’s entertaining to imagine such efficient transit.

The line opens June 14.

Disclosure: Minnesota Public Radio and the Metropolitan Council are negotiating ways to reduce noise and vibrations from the newly built light rail line outside MPR headquarters under a contract agreed to in 2009.

  • JDan

    Despite MPR’s best efforts they could not kill the central corridor line.

  • disqus_Qyttaj3PJP

    The Green Line schedule is out and the end-to-end time is 48 minutes.

    • Jeremy

      Not bad…unless you are one of those who will board DT Mpls and travel DT St Paul.

    • Agata

      The schedule is a bit optimistic. This morning the end-to-end route took a little over an hour. Many intersections and lights still need a lot of regulating.

  • Becca

    Great video! What is the name of the song playing?