Union Depot still waiting on 2nd train

St. Paul’s Union Depot on Wednesday night welcomed its first passenger train in more than 40 years. The second one? Well, it’s running a little late. Even later than the 70-minute delay from the first westbound train that pulled into the station Thursday night.

Amtrak is now guessing the 7:58 a.m. St. Paul arrival of Train 8 from Seattle to Chicago will now be more like, well … noon. Estimated.

Train status

  • Carl

    These train run consistently late every day both ways. Has for the last 12 months. Why do you think the ridership on the Empire Builder is at an all time low? The once best long distance train is now the worst due to the oil boom in North Dakota. I know unfortunately i live this every day! Ugg

  • Jeff

    I do not recall hearing the argument that the top reason for pasenger trains is schedule adherance.

  • MrE85

    The wait is over. The train arrived at 12:54 pm.