Developers scramble to resume Minneapolis teardowns

In the month since Minneapolis lifted its moratorium on new home construction in five southwest neighborhoods, the city has issued 13 permits to tear down old houses, build new ones or undertake major renovation projects in the area.

The new projects will be subject to a “construction management agreement” designed to ensure builders obey city ordinances and don’t bother the neighbors.

Council Member Linea Palmisano, who represents the affected neighborhoods, says her office continues to get complaints about construction, mostly focused on 16 projects that were already underway at the time of the moratorium. Those projects are not subject to the construction management agreements.

The city has stepped up enforcement of its building codes and noise ordinances to deal with the issue, Palmisano said.

More than half of the new permits were concentrated in tony Linden Hills. The up-and-coming Fulton neighborhood came in second with three new permits. Lynnhurst, Armatage and Kenny were also subject to the moratorium.

This map shows all permits issued in the five neighborhoods since the moratorium officially ended on April 22.

The pace of permitting appears roughly on par with the same period last year, according to data maintained by Palmisano’s office.