The “Terrible 20” most dilapidated streets in St. Paul

The City of St. Paul has identified about 20 miles of streets it says are badly in need of repair. This map shows the “Terrible 20,” as Mayor Chris Coleman calls them. Are there streets that aren’t on the map that should be?

  • Courtney

    Johnson Parkway here on the east side is just as bad as some of these. The section that goes under the narrow train trestle (which could also stand to be fixed) is especially treacherous.

  • Lexington just south of Front/Energy Park, both north and south lanes resemble the lunar landscape…

    • Anthony Domanico

      Yep. Awful awful roads there.

    • Boodabutt

      Yep, Lex from University to Como Park is awwwwful.

  • Josh Ruhnke

    There should be a lot more red on that map. The intersection of Raymond and Energy Park is pretty bad as well.

  • Steve Scott

    The hastily laid down asphalt on St. Paul Ave is crumbling on top of the already fractured concrete below it. The route 87 buses on Cleveland Ave also have to drive about 20 mph to traverse it safely.

  • killershrew

    Ford Parkway is AWFUL between Snelling and Cleveland. The asphalt between Snelling and roughly Fairview is like a washboard – full of weird ripples. Then from Fairview to Cleveland, it’s full of potholes (although they did patch a bunch last week, so there’s that at least). But still – the whole road just needs to be ripped out and replaced, especially the washboard part. There’s just no other way to fix it.

    • Mostcurious Monkey

      Oy ye gods, completely agreed. I have been trying to avoid it as much as possible but since I live off of Ford Parkway and Cleveland, it’s difficult. The whole hill is a bone-jarring ride, up or down.

  • Christopher

    Grand Avenue down the hill from Dale. Just brutal.

  • Chris G

    Ayd Mill Road. Also Jackson going north from the Capital. However I notice this list is mostly around white people’s houses. No street love for the browner neighborhood. Many of the streets through Frogtown and the east side are one step above busted gravel.

  • Chuck

    LEXINGTON POTHOLEKWAY from Grand Ave to St. Clair (everybody drives in turn lane to avoid car being swallowed)

  • Kellogg Square resident

    Robert Street south of the bridge is filled with potholes

  • Jimmu

    Pelham & Otis is like driving in downtown Baghdad the day after “shock and awe”

  • AJ

    The intersection of 7th & 5th Streets in front of the Xcel Center

  • wjcstp

    I’d also add Pascal street from Marshall to Thomas, which is crumbling faster than it can be patched any more. Ever since the CCLRT construction and the resulting loss of other N-S corridors, the concentrated traffic from shopping areas south of University has destroyed Pascal, and to an only somewhat lesser extent, Hamline north of University as well.

    I completely agree with the inclusion of 3rd street east, it’s been effectively reduced to a single lane for most of that stretch.

  • Lucy

    White Bear Ave North of 94, Johnson Pkwy (particularly under the railroad tracks), Phalen Parkway (around the lake), Arlington Ave (East of Lake Phalen)

  • Emilie Hanson

    Really? No Ayd Mill?

  • bopbee

    The left lane of White Bear Ave from I94 to parts north is terrible.

  • Lady_612

    How did Marshall from Western to Snelling not make this list? Or at the very least, Marshall between Lexington and Snelling. Last year it was a cheese grater. This year it’s a minefield!

  • Mostcurious Monkey

    Cleveland from Ford Parkway to Montreal, both directions. Better since being patched up last week but still completely awful.

  • kevinfromminneapolis

    I would change the headline to “St. Paul mayor admits to failing at basic service of government.” But that’s just me.

  • Cretin has been absolutely devastated this year, but I must give credit to St. Paul Public Works. We called in a pothole on Friday night and a crew came to patch it within an hour.

  • Wil Genovese

    Smith Ave from the High Bridge to Annapolis. Annapolis from Smith Ave to Dodd Road.

  • Kurt Storsved

    Drive Jackson from University to Roselawn. Nasty!

  • Pothole challenged

    Has anyone traveled east on Highland Pkwy. from Snelling to Hamline? Or west on Highland Pkwy from Hamline to Albert? Looks like a moonscape. Almost lost a VW in one of the biggest holes.

  • Ann

    Elway St between Shepard Red and W 7th

  • Steven Yetter

    Pennsylvania between Como and I35E is pretty horrible, as is Hunting Valley Road along highway 280.