Minneapolis City Attorney reappointed

Minneapolis city attorney Susan Segal (MPR Photo/Tim Nelson)

The Minneapolis City Council voted 11-2 this morning to reappoint City Attorney Susan Segal.  One of the two “no” votes came from Ward 2 council member Cam Gordon, who has expressed disagreement with some of Segal’s legal opinions, particularly her take on the Vikings stadium funding proposal.  Segal has said the use of $150 million in city tax revenues for the Vikings deal is supported by state law.  Gordon and others say the use of city tax dollars for a stadium violates the city charter.   Gordon said today that, as in past instances where he has voted against the appointment of a department head, he will have no problem working with Segal.

The other “no” vote came from 5th Ward council member Blong Yang.  Yang said he also would still have a good working relationship with Segal.  However, he sounded frustrated that he had to say that out loud.  “A yes or a no vote should just mean a good relationship in the future anyway,” said Yang.

Alondra Cano, who represents the 9th Ward and voted to approve Segal’s reappointment, said she didn’t want to dwell on Segal’s stadium opinion.  “I do not feel like I need to hold anyone hostage to the Vikings stadium decision,” said Cano.  “I think that was of a previous council.  And I will not drag that into this particular decision for myself or for our ward residents.”

Other council members offered enthusiastic support for Segal.  They mentioned Segal’s focus on increasing convictions for domestic violence offenses, pension reform and defending ranked choice voting against a legal challenge as reasons for approving her reappointment.