Man who threatened to shoot dog gets gun and permit back

Kevin Briggs was acquitted of terroristic threats after he pointed his gun at a couple walking their dog in northeast Minneapolis. Brandt Williams / MPR News

More than a month after he was acquitted of a terrorist threats charge, Kevin Lavern Briggs, 56, says he finally got his gun and his permit back.  Briggs was ordered to surrender his Kel-tec 9mm pistol and his permit to carry last year, after he was charged in connection with an incident which occurred on the evening of April 1, 2013. On that night, Briggs says he was frightened by a dog that was standing on its hind legs, pulling against its leash while being held by its owner.  Briggs, who walks with the help of a cane, says the dog was four or five yards from him, so he pulled his gun and pointed it at the dog and threatened to shoot.   The two people walking the dog say they became frightened when they noticed Briggs pointing the gun in their direction.

Briggs, who says he’s been a permit holder since 2011, says he’s considering legal action because he says it took too long for him to get his gun and permit back.