Kenilworth defender apologizes for comment

Stuart Chazin is sorry for speaking out of school.

He sent me an email yesterday apologizing for this quote that capped my last post about the Southwest light-rail project:

“What we all want is the whole thing to die,” he said.

At the time, the head of the Kenilworth Preservation Group said he was speaking on behalf of the various factions of residents who live near the Kenilworth Corridor of Minneapolis. He organized a gathering earlier this month to get everyone on the same page because, he said, “the stronger we are, the better.”

But his comment characterizing a collective death wish for Southwest drew swift reaction from the group LRT Done Right, which assured me it does not want the project to die. LRT Done Right favors a separate light-rail alignment that avoids Kenilworth altogether.

Chazin said he was wrong to speak on behalf of anyone besides his own group and amended his statement to: “I, Stuart Chazin would love to see the whole thing die and never come back but that’s a long shot.”