Video: firearms carry permit holders are people in your neighborhood

You may not know it, but the woman walking her dog next to you in the park, or the business-suited man you pass in the skyway downtown may be carrying pistols.  And members of the Twin Cities Gun Owners and Carry Forum want to reassure the larger, non-pistol-carrying public that these people and the more than 125,000 nearly 160,000 current carry permit holders across the state do not pose a safety risk.

Kevin Vick, owner of Crucible Arms gun store in Lakeville, filmed, directed and edited a video featuring testimonials from permit holders talking about why they carry firearms in public.  “We are amongst you.  We … come from all walks of life,” said Vick.  “And we are carrying only, completely in a defensive nature.”

Vick says the video is a response to a push by some gun control advocates to lump lawful gun owners in with those who use  guns illegally. “We just make it very, very clear that there’s a significant delineation between the criminal element that’s involved in gun crime and peaceable citizens who lawfully carry everyday and hurt no one.”

Vick says carry permit holders are a lot less likely than the general public to commit crimes.  Data from the BCA show 296 firearms carry permit holders  committed crimes in 2012.  More than half of those crimes were DWI or other driving related offenses. Only 13 crimes committed by permit holders involved the use of a gun.

Vick, who has his own YouTube channel, says the video hasn’t been shown on any television stations yet.  But he says feedback from the public so far has been positive.

  • kevins

    On Wednesday after work, I’ll be picking up some celery and other last minute veggies for our Thanksgiving dinner at a local grocery store. The parking lot will be chaos, and the shoping inside will test both patience and courage. I’m betting some of my fellow shoppers will be carrying more that celery, so I will remain jolly and polite, so as not to get plugged by someone’s six-shooter. Remember, only a good guy with a turkey can stop a bad guy with a turkey! Give thanks Thursday for the kind citizens that protect us without us even knowing!

    • Kevin, law-abiding citizens trained and certified by the MN BCA to carry firearms pose no threat to you or your fellow shoppers. We carry explicitly for self protection. You’re characterizing permit to carry holders as looking to “plug” someone is not factual. Permit holders are 75% less likely to commit a gun crime than the general population. It’s the bad guys that pose a threat. Not us.

      • kevins

        Hey thanks for the data…that makes me feel safer. Good to know with some reassurance that permit holders are not bad guys.

        • Happy to help! Enjoy Thanksgiving.

          • AndyBriebart

            Lots and lots of people are legally carrying, at the gas station, at the grocery store, while out for walk, heck, lots of places and you probably never knew it.

            Kevin, why not go to one of the ranges in town and take an introductory class? You don’ have to own a gun to take one. Take your spouse or your friend.

          • kevins

            AB…you assume I don’t own guns.

  • TCguns_carry

    158,303 permit holders. Soon to be 160,000 at the end of the month. Thanks for posting the video, Brandt.

  • AndyBriebart

    It’s not the legal gun owning permit to carry people you need to be worried about.

  • Elro Mo

    It seems to me that “law abiding conceal carry permit holders” and, “law abiding gun owners” are law abiding, until they’re not….. i.e. George Zimmerman and the thousands of “law abiding gun-owning” men that have taken the lives of their girl friends or wives.

    But you don’t want to talk about domestic abuse, or suicide, or gun trafficking in “those bad guy neighborhoods.”, you would rather remain ignorant to those issues and do the NRA’s and gun manufacturers bidding.

    • Fed Up

      Yet you cannot take away the rights of millions just because of a few bad apples. Just like you cannot judge all muslims by the actions of a few.

      Instead, you go after the few bad apples. According to the FBI data, we know where the majority of crimes involving guns are committed; in inner-cities and most frequently by gang members. Unfortunately, our government lacks the spine to go after that segment of the population without resorting to plea deals and short sentences.

      • ThatGuy

        Sorry, but that was a horrible analogy. Yes, you can’t judge millions of gun owners by actions of a few loons…but Muslims are believers in Islam..which preaches destruction on its enemies. And it defines it’s enemies as anyone who will not accept Islam as their faith. Ask yourself this..why do countless “good” Muslims allow terrorists to hide in their cities, villages, and homes?

        • Fed Up

          Fine, you can’t judge the millions that drink alcohol by the actions of a few that drive drunk. Does that fit your mindset?

    • Jeff

      Yet you discount the thousands of lives saved by law abiding gun owners. Everyone is a law abiding citizen until they are not. So using your rational everyone is already guilty committing something terrible.

      People like you are the reason I joined the NRA, GOCRA, NAGR etc. You and your anti-gun crowd have done more to strengthen these organizations than anyone. Not to mention helped fuel one of the biggest gun sale eras in a generation.

    • TCguns_carry

      The “general public” is law abiding until they’re not. Compare the frequency of crimes committed by permit holders per capita vs how many people in the general public commit crimes. How many doctors commit crimes? How many school teachers commit crimes? How many priests commit crimes? How many lawyers commit crimes? How many secretaries commit crimes? How many people with drivers licenses commit crimes?

    • Elro Mo, according to the state of Minnesota, permit holders are 75% less likely to commit a gun crime than the general population.

      I’m happy to talk about the other issues. You’re right, they are real problems. For example, 72% of gun crimes are committed by people who have already been incarcerated for illegally possessing, buying, selling or using a firearm in a crime. Stop re-releasing recidivist criminals that commit the overwhelming majority of gun crime. Domestic abuse is a huge issue and an incredibly small percentage of it involves firearms. Suicide is a mental health issue that we continue to ignore as is seen time and time again in high profile shootings.

      You, like many, want to lump law-abiding citizen firearm owners into the same category as criminals and the mentally adjudicated. We need to separate wheat from chaff.

    • TCguns_carry

      The majority of violent crime (40-90%) is committed by gangs. That’s a Bureau of Justice stat.

    • Mitch Berg


      A carry permit holder in Minnesota is over two orders of magnitude less likely to kill someone, per capita, than the general public.

  • Fed Up

    I’m a father of 3 and I carry. Not so I can be “Rambo” or a “wannabe cop”. In fact, I hope I never have to use a firearm in self defense but, I can’t rely upon the police to be there when I need them or even depend upon having the time to make a 911 call.

    I carry life insurance in case I die unexpectedly. I carry car insurance in case I’m in an accident. I have a fire extinguisher in case there’s a fire. I wear safety goggles when working with hand tools to protect my eyes. I carry a gun in case I need to defend myself or my family. All of these things are tools that I use to ensure safety, health and the wellbeing of my family.

    • johnny21guns

      No Guns For Negroes…….Google it 🙂

      • Fed Up

        Yes, many people never knew the truth behind the black’s civil rights movement and gun laws. The Deacons for Defense changed the tide of racial violence and assaults in some southern cities.

      • AndyBriebart

        Great video, never saw that before.