Candidates fall as Minneapolis mayoral vote count grinds toward a winner

Minneapolis election officials continue counting votes in the mayor’s race at City Hall this afternoon, with City Council Member Betsy Hodges still in the lead.

As the tabulation for determining Minneapolis’ next mayor finished round 24, Hodges, who declared victory Wednesday night, had 37 percent of the votes. Former Hennepin County Commissioner Mark Andrew was in second with 25 percent.

The threshold for winning is 39,708 votes at this point — about half of all votes cast. Hodges had a total of 29,417 votes and Mark Andrew had 19,942 at the end of round 24.

Now all but four of the 35 candidates on the ballot have been eliminated, as well as all undeclared write-in candidates.

Stephanie Woodruff lost in the round 30. Dan Cohen was defeated in the 31st. They were followed by Bob Fine and Jackie Cherryhomes.

Captain Jack Sparrow’s road to the mayor’s office ended in round 23. Abdul M. “The Rock” Rahaman found the end in round 24. Ole Savior lost in the 27th.



St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman presented Presumptive Minneapolis Mayor-Elect Betsy Hodges with a framed print by a St. Paul artist that depicts the area codes of St. Paul and Minneapolis. (MPR Photo/Lorna Benson)

Newly re-elected St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman took Hodges out for lunch Thursday. The two leaders discussed ways they can work together to benefit their cities and the region.

“When we work together there’s no region in this country that I think can compete with us in terms of resources, in terms of talent, in terms of quality of life,” Coleman said.

Coleman said when he asked Hodges what she wanted to accomplish in Minneapolis before she leaves office, she replied that closing the educational achievement gap was at the top of her list. Hodges told reporters it is one of the things she’ll work on the hardest as mayor.

“We have got to move the dial on the educational achievement gap. In Minneapolis my role will be unique as mayor with the largest platform in the region to help make that go better,” Hodges said.

Coleman joked that his one bit of advice for Hodges was to make sure that she gets snowplowing right because it can cost mayors a lot of support if they mess it up.

MPR News reporter Lorna Benson contributed to this report.